About Us

The farm for breeding snails ''Helix Pomatia Farm'' is a family business for breeding and exporting snails.
The farm is located in Rusko Selo, Near Kikinda (Republic of Serbia).

The farm was founded and begun with production in the year 2004. On a surface of 2 Hectares and since then its working on the ecological breeding of snails Helix pomatia.
Because the existing surface of 2 hectares was not enough, in the year 2007, the farm spread on 4 hectares for better and more efficient production.
The area of the farm is now 4 Hectares, with the capacity to produce 30-50 tons of snails yearly.

The farm possesses an object where the snails are calibrated, packed, and then put into to freezers with a capacity of 160 m3,wich are needed for snail storage.
Also the farm has it’s 6 workers that are necessary for work and maintenance at the farm.

The farm received in 2006 from the relevant ministry, a certificate which determines that all prescribed veterinary, sanitary conditions for exporting living snails have been met, and was set an exporting control number 859 for the export of snails in the counties of the EU.

The firm SIM-IMEX DOO witch exports for the farm is also in the families’ ownership.

For every shipment of living snails the firm provides:
– sanitary-veterinary findings authorized by the Institute for Hygiene and Technology of meat
– certificate
– transportation
– vet
– and every other needed exporting permeates
Also in the near future we are planning to open a factory for snail meat processing with a goal to find a market for processed snails and sell them in the countries of the EU.